• A degree holder or undergraduate student who is not currently enrolled in any other institution of higher learning may be allowed to take credit courses, provided that he/she satisfies the admission requirements of the concerned college.
  • He/She must have complete and valid credentials:

a. Official transcript of records;
b. Two 2”x2” colored ID picture;
c. Physical/Health examination certificate issued by the University physician and showing that the applicant is not suffering from a dangerous communicable disease or physically unfit;
d. Copy of birth certificate; and
e. Certificate of good moral character

  • Must present a duly accomplished application form.
  • Others, as prescribed by the College
  • He/She shall not be allowed to enroll for more than nine units per semester, or to register for more than two years, except with permission from the Dean of the concerned college.
  • A non-degree student is not a prospective candidate for graduation for any degree in the University since he/she does not have any organized program of study to follow.
  • His/Her admission is approved by the Director of the Office ofAdmission upon recommendation by the Dean of the concerned college.
  • He/She must pledge to abide by and comply with all the rules and regulations of the University/College.