1. Bachelor of Arts in Filipino
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Language and Literature
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Literature
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences
  6. Bachelor of Culture and Arts Education
  7. Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
  8. Bachelor of Elementary Education
  9. Bachelor of Physical Education
  10. Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
  11. Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology
  12. Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness
  13. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering 1/
  14. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering
  15. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  16. Bachelor of Science in Animal Husbandry
  17. Bachelor of Science in Biology
  18. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  19. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
  20. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
  21. Bachelor of Science in Development Communication
  22. Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship
  23. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
  24. Bachelor of Science in Fisheries
  25. Bachelor of Science in Food Technology
  26. Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
  27. Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  28. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  29. Bachelor of Science in Management Accounting
  30. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  31. Bachelor of Science in Meteorology 2/
  32. Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  33. Bachelor of Science in Statistics
  34. Bachelor of Science in Textile and Fashion Technology
  35. Bachelor of Science in Textile and Garment Technology
  36. Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management
  37. Bachelor of Secondary Education
  38. Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education
  39. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


Doctor of Philosophy

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Engineering
  2. Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Entomology
  3. Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Science
  4. Doctor of Philosophy in Aquaculture
  5. Doctor of Philosophy in Biology
  6. Doctor of Philosophy in Crop Science
  7. Doctor of Philosophy in Development Communication
  8. Doctor of Philosophy in Development Education *
  9. Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Management
  10. Doctor of Philosophy in Plant Breeding
  11. Doctor of Philosophy in Rural Development *
  12. Doctor of Philosophy in Soil Science

Master of Science

  1. Master of Science in Agricultural Economics
  2. Master of Science in Agriicultural Engineering
  3. Master of Science in Animal Science
  4. Master of Science in Aquaculture
  5. Master of Science in Biology
  6. Master of Science in Biology Education
  7. Master of Science in Chemistry Education
  8. Master of Science in Crop Protection
  9. Master of Science in Crop Science
  10. Master of Science in Development Communication
  11. Master of Science in Education *
  12. Master of Science in Environmental Management
  13. Master of Science in Grain Science
  14. Master of Science in Guidance and Counselling
  15. Master of Science in Rural Development
  16. Master of Science in Soil Science

Other Masteral Programs

  1. Master in Agribusiness Management *
  2. Master in Biology
  3. Master in Chemistry
  4. Master in Local Government Management *
  5. Master in Renewable Energy Systems *
  6. Master of Arts in Language and Literature
  7. Master of Business Administration *
  8. Master of Veterinary Studies

Other Curricular Offerings

Distance, Open, and Transnational University (DOTUni)

  1. Diploma in Land Use Planning
  2. Diploma in Local Government Management

  1. Certificate in Agricultural Research Management
  2. Certificate in Basic Environmental Impact Assessment
  3. Certificate in Basic Local Governance
  4. Certificate in Entrepreneurship
  5. Certificate in Local Development Planning
  6. Certificate in Project Feasibility Preparation and Implementation
  7. Certificate in Training Management
  8. Certificate in Teaching

Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (ISPEAR)

  1. Certificate in Physical Education

Vocational Course (1-Year Program)

  1. Certificate in Agricultural Mechanics


1/ To replace Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering
2/ A curricular program offered through a consortium (COMET)

* Also offered in DOTUni